Our Mission 

Our mission is to share together in the renewing life of God with the people of San Antonio.   

Our Values

The values of Trinity are those convictions and practices that shape our daily life. 


CEntrality of the Gospel 

The great news (gospel) of Christianity is that through faith in Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven and that we can live with peace before God. This good news isn't just a starting place, it's the very core of what shapes who we are as a people.



blessing of Friendships 

God has graciously placed others in our lives as a means of caring for us. It is especially through the relationships we build within the local church that we come to know God's love and by which we are formed into the people of God.  


priority of spiritual Formation in all of life

We are called and desire to be formed into the image of Jesus Christ. This process of formation is the essence of Christian discipleship. It is a lifelong process in which the Holy Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and a heart of generosity towards those around us. 

Life-giving nature of liturgical and sacramental Worship

Gathering together as believers in Christ is not just a thing we do but it is the event where God is coming, speaking, giving, and renewing us spiritually. In this weekly gathering we creatively re-tell God’s story. In this gathering we come together to sing, pray, confess, read the Scriptures, hear the gospel proclaimed, celebrate the Lord's Supper, and be sent back into the world to bear witness to God’s Kingdom. We do all of this within the context of the themes and seasons that mark the Church Calendar. We come with a joyful reverence as we stand in the presence of a holy God, with hearts of gratitude as we receive God's life and grace, and we gather in unity as the family of God.  

beauty of Generosity & Hospitality

Because of God's generosity towards us through Jesus, we are now freed and empowered to love those around us. We love because He first loved us. We seek to be a people of self-giving in every area of life: time, treasure, and talents. 

importance of Multiplication 

God is building His kingdom one soul at a time and we have the privilege to be instruments of that work. We desire to see disciples of Jesus multiplied, leaders released, and new congregations established.

Our Identity  

Spirit :: We believe God is present and active in our lives through His Holy Spirit.  We believe the Holy Spirit fills us with His presence, empowers us to grow, and gives gifts as He sends us on mission.  We look forward to His work of the conviction of sin, illumination of truth, and the renewal of all things.

Word :: We believe that God’s Word brings life and is our final and ultimate authority.  The Bible is God’s Word and contains all things necessary for salvation.  Both the Old Testament and New Testament were written to proclaim God’s great story and to call, equip, and empower God’s people for missional living.

Sacrament :: Sacrament is an outward sign of an inward grace.  We become more fully aware of the beauty of God’s grace and truth by what is seen and touched.  When we share communion at the Lord’s table, it acknowledges the reality that we are both united to Christ and to God’s people. The different movements in our worship service are grounded in the historic rhythms of the church and reflect the various aspects of the Gospel.  

The shape of our lives


We desire to generously serve those around us in our vocations through words, actions, and attitude. 


We desire to build and live in healthy relationships with other believers and inviting those who don't know the life of Jesus into our community. 


We desire to be nurtured and renewed in the life of God through weekly worship as a community of faith.